Ep 280 – The TTA

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Shorter episode than usual this week! Christine and I have a crazy June ahead of us, so we’re using this time to make some changes to the Patreon, The GBBT, and the TTA feed itself! All the details are in the episode, but if you want the cliff notes, we’ve decided to:

  • Pull every past episode of The GBBT from behind the paywall! You can watch/listen/download them all at www.patreon.com/TTAPodcast
  • End the Patreon campaign formally at the end of this month. Thanks to your overwhelming support, the show is paid for and ad-free through the end of 2023! That’s not to say that there will be ads for the show in 2024, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Ultimately the costs are low enough that we didn’t want to keep the campaign running when it wasn’t needed.
  • Expand this feed to include more variety. In short, the format of the show might change from week to week. Some weeks will feel like a traditional TTA episode, and some might feel more like the GBBT. Some weeks we might try something completely new!

Lastly, since Christine will be away for two weeks this month and I’ll be away for one, we’re going to use this hiatus to introduce a few older episodes of the GBBT to the feed for folks who might not want to listen on Patreon. We’ll be off for the next two weeks, and then back again on the 20th, and then off again the week after that. 

Anyway thanks for listening and have a GBBT!


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