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All you really need to know is that Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is the greatest film of all time. Think about it for a second. Two best friends with lifelong bond via their love of music use technology from the future to improve their education and gain a perspective on this great big mess we call life. Time after time they’re introduced to new experiences and new people and they meet that unknown with optimism. Ultimately we learn that their music will bring the world together and right all wrongs. It’s as perfect as a story can get.

Also I make YouTube videos about Disney and go to the parks whenever I can. 


Christine is a native New Yorker who was bred on a love of Disney World since her first visit at age 2 and she’s been making memories there ever since. When not podcasting, she’s running her own YouTube channel, IvyWinter, with the goal of connecting to Disney enthusiasts and newcomers to help guide them through planning Disney World vacations. Her favorite Disney movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame and it’s her greatest personal mission to bring up this masterpiece as often as possible and make sure it isn’t forgotten in the depth of the Disney vault.